Can I change the way I see?

About Aad

For me, photography is a literal action but also a metaphor for how I am in life: I choose what I look at. I like to illuminate how something is going well. But light also has a shadow side. It is about choosing the good and showing that without being blind for the less good things in life.

I marvel at what I see and look with attention: did I see it right or can I look at it differently? Illuminating a subject from different angles, focusing on something or putting something in focus in order to support further development.

You can translate this principle literally into a photo or film, but it is also the way I look at an organisation. What can be seen and what is still underexposed? I believe in the principle of improving more than innovating. By improving, you understand the art of showing what is good and, if possible, strengthening it.

Thanks to my extensive experience as an organisational advisor and professional image maker, I have a creative approach to organisations. Offering people a different perspective, looking at things differently and inspiring them, that is what I like to do. Inspire literally means "to put the spirit back into it". This can be done in different ways. One of them is teaching people new skills. It is wonderful to see when they discover they can do so much more than they thought possible. When that happens, I am happy.