As a videographer, I create work that moves the viewer. On this page you will find some examples of videos that I am allowed to show. These are videos for:

  • Change processes
  • Business succession
  • Corporate communication or storytelling
  • Information
  • Reports
As a videographer, I am familiar with different roles: from doing everything myself to being a producer with a team for support. This depends on the assignment and the available budget.

Oncological Care during Corona; Oncomid

Presentation video. Production made for the presentation of Oncomid: collaboration of 6 hospitals in Central Netherlands. 

My role: camera, interviews, editing

Heart(t)d for the business

Reportage about an FNV strike at the Lidl distribution centre in Tiel. FNV organises and supports employees who strike for the first time.

My role: directing, interviewing and editing

IC Training for Nurses

Reportage for UMC Utrecht. By expanding the Intensive Care capacity, nurses and doctors are trained to support the IC care. These are nurses who normally work in other departments, people who have previously worked as nurses or doctors who are temporarily working as nurses.
My role: directing, camera, interviews, editing

Photo Chat - video blog

Video channel. Together with colleague Michael Kooren, I run a video channel in which we discuss photography subjects in our own way. This episode is about digital archiving.
My role: presentation, directing, camera, editing

Early detection of autism

Information film for 'Autism Young Child'; a National Expertise Network in which parents and professionals work together to improve early detection and timely assistance.

My role: directing, interviewing, editing

Veal chain

Presentation business to business. Royaan is the manufacturer of, among others, Van Dobben and Kwekkeboom. They want to work with the best ingredients for their products. One of the ingredients is veal. They want to show how much attention and craftsmanship this is produced with. Account managers carry this video with them for product presentations.
My role: concept, screenplay, direction, interviews and editing

Portrait artist Qassim Alsaedy

Short documentary. Artist Qassim Alsaedy (1949) was born in Iraq. Since the 1970s he has lived in exile and since 1994 in the Netherlands. Portrait for use in museum exhibitions. Aim is to get a better understanding of his work.

My role: concept, interview, direction and editing

Craft in pictures

Presentation on the occasion of 125th anniversary of Swaak, shop for artists' requisites. Visit to the traditional paper factory where the jubilee drawing pads are made.
My role: concept, camera, editing

3D Printing Skull - Bon Verweij

Reporting / registration. VVAA organised an event under the name Mobile Doctors in which innovative doctors gave an inspiring story. All stories had to be recorded on multi-camera. I organised the visual presentation and registration. I managed a crew with 3 cameramen, a director and a switchboard operator.

My role: production and final direction

Octi learns to swim - SRO

Inspiration video. SRO manages swimming pools and sports centres. This video was made to introduce children to the swimming pool and to show them what happens when you take swimming lessons. A puppet maker and playwright made Octi. One of the swimming pools is called Octopus.

My role: concept, camera and editing (co-production with colleague Michael Kooren)

City of Tomorrow

Promotional video. Together with Natuurmonumenten, the city of Rotterdam organised a project in which children, after a visit to nature, tell their idea for the city of the future. I filmed all submissions.

My role: camera, interviews, editing

Hans @ Work

Portrait of photographer Hans van Ommeren (1948 - 2018). I made a video with him for his website, which we shot entirely with his self-made lenses. I consider him my teacher and still miss him every day.

My role: camera and editing