An inspiring story

As a professional, do you want to captivate your audience with a lecture, an online story or seminar? A gripping story that will always be remembered? Then you need to engage people and move them. You need an authentic story and a clear message, wrapped in an inspiring presentation.

A nice question I once received was: 'I do a lot of presentations, but I feel that there is more to it. Can you help me take my story from a 7 to a 10?

You could call it story coaching; through my extensive work experience as a consultant in organisations, interviewer for video films and with my creative brain I can help you look at your story in a different way.


Three separate sessions of approximately 2 hours, during which you continue to work with my help. Turnaround time can be short. It is advisable to do three separate sessions; you must be able to reflect and work on your own in between sessions. exercise.

Session 1 'finding'

What will be the essence of your story?

Session 2 'refining' 

Strengthen, making your story your own and personal

Session 3 'connecting'

Practice on-stage until you feel comfortable and move freely in your story. We also work with video so you can review your story.


Contact us for the possibilities