Inspiration workshops

The power of looking at things differently (half-day or full-day)

Suppose your team is facing a change, you want to strengthen the team feeling at the start of a project or discuss hot topics. And you are looking for someone who can guide you. Then this workshop might be something for you. How does it work?

On the basis of excerpts from feature films and/or documentaries, you conduct a dialogue in your team under my guidance. On the basis of a preliminary discussion, I cut fragments from existing feature films and/or documentaries specifically for a theme. On the basis of these fragments, we start a conversation about perspective and frames of reference. You know how it is when you watch a film and talk about it with others: everyone has their own point of view: wwhat do you see, what do you feel, what does it mean to you?

 Depending on the purpose of the intervention, we can go into more or less depth. How can you translate what you see in the film to your daily work? What do you have to do? This workshop provides answers to these questions in a safe yet inspiring way.

Make the connection (half day)

Suppose you want to get to know each other better and do that in a relaxed way. As an experienced portrait photographer, I experience daily what an interesting psychological process making a portrait actually is. I have incorporated these experiences in this workshop.

Participants make portrait photos of each other and experience what it is like to take the lead when the other person feels uncomfortable (because that is the case 9 out of 10 times). They have to learn how to listen - both verbally and non-verbally - and how to steer positively. It is an exercise in giving feedback and letting yourself be led by another. Letting go of control or taking the lead? On the axis of the exercise, we discuss how this translates into work. And at the end, you will have some special portrait photos!